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Why Messianic, Amish, or Jewish?
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This is an effort to answer some questions about why I consider myself "Messianic" and the vision or goal that goes with that reason.

I grew up Amish, so I know more about that culture than the Jewish culture. However, I have observed that the orthodox Jews and the Amish have a lot in common. Both are a very traditional sect and both are very zealous for what their forefathers have handed down to them, often in many situations unmoveable. The most outstanding of both of their backgrounds is the family structure and values which is a result of their knowledge of both testimonies, called the "Old" and "New" of the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They taught their children in past generations to follow in their footsteps. Maybe that is a far as they go in being alike.

The Amish have created a lifestyle that looks very appealing compared to what the general lifestyle holds today. It is next to impossible to raise even two children let alone ten or twelve, based on the values of what the American forefathers held 200 years ago even in a nonreligious setting.

I am fairly new in observing the so-called Messianic religion but in my observations I see the same trend that most established religions are all battered with by the world around them. Most times it is not a conscience effort to be a lax people, but simply a lack of no one being commissioned to be a watchman on the wall, observing all the details Yahshua had taught. The question I set out to answer which I am also asking myself is this: Could we set a course for a vision of creating a culture, bringing in the type of lifestyle that is doable in a close-knit, Amish-type community? Then also combining Messianic values which are largely Jewish coming from Jewish writers, testifying of a Jewish Messiah who said salvation is of the Jews? See John 4:22

What makes this vision seem almost impossible is the fact that the so-called Messianic culture is one of the most independent of all times. It has almost gone underground because of the persecution which of course was instigated by satan. So now in these last times he is being forced to let it resurface and he goes to work offering it every wild lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the price of life, that our wonderful American technology can offer. Lack of modern technology is in my experience no answer at all in staying free of the above mentioned lusts, and in fact can be quite useful in furthering the kigndom of Yahweh. But young unconverted youth who have not experienced the indwelling of the Holy Spirit after the remission of their sins have very little chance to get it by being individual, independent families here and there.

Would there be any interest in such an effort where observations would be shared as a means to keep the world out of our hearts and give the next generation a chance to observe the struggles we faced and give them a chance to have victory in the future? We are looking for strong families to help support the weaker ones in a community setting, not with no technology in mind, but hearts after Yahweh that love Him with all that each one has in them, and loving their neighbor as themselves, rightly dividing the word of truth.

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