Updates, Events, and Feast Dates

2015 Feast Dates

Biblical New Year (Abib 1)
       March 22*

Passover Sacrificed
      Pesach Abib 14 April 4*

Wave Sheaf Offering
      Abib 16 April 6*

Feast of Unleavened Bread
      Chag Matzah Abib 14-20 April 4-10*

Pentecost / Feast of Weeks
      Chag Shavuot May 25*

For more information on the Biblical dating of Passover and Unleavened Bread as a joint seven-day feast go go here. For an in-depth study on the historical context and basis of this interpretation, refer to The Festivals and Sacred Days of YHWH, Part 2

* The new moon may be seen a day earlier which would mean the listed dates are a day after the actual dates. Dates will be updated as the new moon is seen.


Abigail Ammah Ammi Coover
Born August 25,2008

The Birth Of
Caleb Charles Dustin Coover:
A Love Which Lasts A Lifetime
(Mattithyah and Lindseyah's 2007 Testimony)

Matthew and Lindsey's Betrothal Announcement (Congratulations, now married almost 9 years!)

More about out lives in Maine and Pennsylvania (including recent births and children adopted by Matthew's parents) can currently be found at the following website: In The Lives Of The Coover Families.

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