Yahweh, Yahshua, Torah Of Messiah

The Torah Of Messiah Choice

by Brother MattithYah (Matthew Coover)

What is the Torah Of Messiah? Is Messiah deity or a man; human or divine? Is Messiah Elohim (God) or is Yahweh the Messiah? What do the Scriptures say? In this teaching the errors of trinitarian doctrine and the worker of lawlessness are exposed, and in the place of heresy, the true essence and dimensions of Yahweh are revealed. This teaching examines Judah, Ephraim, and the Torah Of Messiah, the ONLY name under heaven whereby we must be saved.

As the Hanukkah season approaches, we are again reminded of a 6000 year span in history wherein the people of Yisrael have suffered dramatically. Prior to the Exodus, our people were beaten and enslaved in a foreign land, and refused the right to worship Yahweh in the way of His choosing. In the time of the Maccabees, Antiochus Epiphanes desecrated the set apart place and murdered Yisraelites by the thousands. Then the bloody crusades swept across Europe and the world, removing members of Ephrayim and Yahudah alike who refused to conform. In more recent times, Hitler's regime of terror again snuffed out the light for millions of human souls, and half a century down the road, a bloody war continues to rage against the Hebrew people, our lifestyle, our heritage, and our Moshiach. Oftentimes we are found upon our knees, enquiring of Abba Yahweh the reason which He allows such mass destruction of our lives and our souls. His answer is always tender, yet always firm; always consistent, ever the same: The destiny of Yisraelite future lies in the hands of her people, and the truth which they uphold, or the falsehood to which they succumb. We have indeed suffered much throughout our history, but our suffering has been the result of our sin. Sometimes the reckoning has approached swiftly; other times it has taken many years, but it has always reached us at a time when we least expected it; when we thought that it would never come.

Two thousand years ago, Yahweh manifested Himself to us in the form of a man, brought forth from the womb of a virgin in the land of Yisrael. He appeared to us as the Miltha, the substance of Himself; the Etz Chayim, a Tree of Life springing up unto all nations. He was the open gate into the city of renewed Yahrushalayim, the Messenger of healing and means of unification between Yisrael's divided kingdoms. He descended to humanity as our shepherd, seeking the lost sheep of Yisrael, and drawing them to himself. He came as a lamb to the slaughter, and we rejected him, murdered Him on a tree, and said, "Let the guilt be upon us and our children forever" (Mt 27:25), completely blind to the fact that we were fulfilling an everlasting plan. He bore no grudges, and three days later arose to enter the set apart place of heaven, now to preform the role of Cohen haGadol, our High Priest, continually making atonement for the sins of those who accept Him during the span of choosing and repentance which He gives. We now look back on the time span of this choosing and it seems so short, so temporary; from dust we were created, and to dust we must return. We look back and fail to see the future; fail to realize that "Today is the day of Salvation" (2 Cor 6:2); that apart from our Moshiach Yahshua, "There is no other name under heaven whereby men may be saved". (Acts 4:12) We look in our past, in the hidden corners of history, everywhere but to the momentous event at Golgatha, everywhere but to the reality of the present, and far too many of our number are rejecting the Moshiach of the world AGAIN! We have suffered much, and well so, for our Abba has also suffered much as He forebears with our wayward hearts, our rejection of His Torah and denial of His anointed Moshiach. He has allowed suffering to come upon us as a means of drawing a remnant back to Himself and His Salvation. We are in dire need of rededication; a rekindling of the menorah in the shul of our souls, for the words of the prophets resonate ominously in our ears. "Though thy seed be as numerous as the sand of the sea, O Yisrael, only a remnant shall be saved." (Isa 10:22, Rom 9:7)

We are living in the age of eternal destiny; an age wherein two labor in the field; one gathering wheat, the other reaping tares; an age when the laborer worthy of His hire is taken, and the other left. Two maidens are grinding at the mill; one accepts her betrothed and becomes married to an husband; the other forebears and is rejected. We are living in the latter days; days of great trials, of great deception, and of great reckoning. We are reaping the harvest as we live our lives; some of our number are reaping the instruction of the Torah, others are gathering lawlessness. We are living in a time of proving; an age wherein we are betrothed to an husband, and some of us have fallen asleep! Today is the time to prepare our souls for the wedding feast of the Lamb, for when the bridegroom cometh, there will be no delay. Those who are awake and watching, which have accepted the bride price of our Moshiach's blood, will take note to the signs in the heavens and the words of the seers which are being fulfilled before our very eyes. Those of us which slumber will fail to recall the sound of his footfall in milleniums past, and will fail to recognize His approaching return. "Today is the day of salvation" (2 Cor 6:2), and when the Master returns, the verdict will be proclaimed that "He who is righteous, let him be righteous still, and He who is unrighteous, let him be unrighteous still" (Rev 22:11); those which succumb to the sleep of spiritual unawareness and sin will remain outside the door when it is shut (Mt 25:11), and will sleep the sleep of death forever. We must pay heed to the true words of Scripture: the voice of the Tanakh and the Latter writings; words of life which present to us the only accurate picture of our Moshiach present in this world. We must discover the mystery of His life-mission and the secret of who He really is. We need to reclaim the only way of Salvation; a way of which we have not been told, nor which our fathers endeavored to understand; the ONLY WAY which leads to repentance, forgiveness, and eternal life.

Traveling back in time to the Nebi'im, the Prophets, we find foretelling of the Word's descent as Yahweh which dwelt among us. "In my distress I called upon YHWH....and He bowed the heavens AND CAME DOWN...." (2Sam 22:7,10-11,17) Again in Colossians 2:9 we discover that "...In (Messiah) dwells all the completeness of YHWH bodily." Our Moshiach Himself also speaks in this wise: "The works that I do in My Father's Name, they bear witness concerning Me....I and My Father are ONE." (Jn 10:25,30) "If you had known Me, you would have known My Father too, From now on you know Him, and have seen.....Have I been with you so long, and you have not known Me...? He who has seen me has seen the Father, and how do you say, 'Show us the Father?' Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me?" (Jn. 14:6,7,9-11) Our Moshiach is indeed a functioning part of YAHWEH, the Miltha or substance of His Being, revealed in fleshly form.

The Messianic movement has slowly but surely become a "Messy-antic" conglomeration, powered by strong trends of "duel covenant theology" and ANTI-MOSHIACH teachings instead. We are quickly falling into total disrepair, and our only way out is to rediscover our real identity as Nazarene Yisrael, to discover the real essence of the Word, and the real truth about the Moshiach of ALL Yisrael.

"I Yahweh am your Saviour and your redeemer, the Elohim of Jacob." (Isa 49:26) "I, even I am YHWH and beside me THERE IS NO SAVIOR." (Isa 43:11, Hos 13:4, Isa 33:22) Continuing on then, we find that "Elohim, He is COMING to save you." (Isa 35:4), and again in Isaiah 19:20, "Yahweh SENDS them a Saviour and an Elohim, and shall deliver them." "I shall save my flock [with] one shepherd, my servant David (Moshiach obviously), and he shall feed them and be their shepherd." (Ezek 34:32) Mattithyah 1:21 completely unveils the identity of this Savior, this Moshiach of Yahweh. "And she shall give birth to a Son and you shall call his name Yahshua, for He shall save My people from their sins....they shall call His name Immanuel which translated means "EL WITH US!" Again in Luke 2:11, "There is born to you today in the city of David a Saviour, who is Yahweh the Moshiach" (Aramaic Peshitta text), and in Yohanan 4:42, the Moshiach is identified as "the Savior of THE WORLD"; the Moshiach of ALL HUMANITY.

"The Elohim of our fathers raised up Yahshua....to give repentance to Yisrael and forgiveness of sins." (Acts 5:30,31,13:23) "And we have seen and bear witness that the Father HAS SENT 'the Son', SAVIOR OF THE WORLD......" (1 Jn. 4:14) The administration of salvation is only accomplished through Yahweh's Son, His anointed Moshiach, the One whom He raised up through David's seed in a small Galilean town two thousand years ago, for the remission of OUR sins!

Knowledge has increased; we are living in a golden age, but we are still wandering, groping around in the darkness without a clue as to where we are going. From our fathers, we have inherited lies, and from our teachers we are collecting even more! We are wandering in circles, entrapped in a cave because we have found the Moshiach and held him at a distance, afraid of his fierceness and the righteous standard which we saw. YHWH sent to us haMoshiach, a manifestation of Himself and the instruction which He gives. Rather than receive Him, we were afraid and ran because we did not like what we saw! The Moshiach which now appears is "the goal of the Torah unto righteousness to EVERYONE who believes" (Rom 10:4). He is the manifestation of the truth (Jn 14:6) contained in the Torah law (Psa 119:105); the manifested Light (Jn 9:5) of the one brought forth in the beginning, and the Shekinah Esteem which shone upon the mountain in the desert so many years ago. (Pr 6:23) Through His essence we obtain understanding of Abba's everlasting Word (Dt 32:46, Jn 1:1,14), and through Him alone we obtain the vision (Lk 2:32) which clears our blinded eyes of the scales which obscure his true identity (Pr 29:18) and His upright standard. "Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. I have sworn and confirm to do your righteous right-rulings" (Ps 119:105,106) "Yahshua, therefore, said to them, "Yet a little while the Light is with you. Walk while you have the Light, lest darkness overtake you. And He who walks in darkness does not know where he is going. While you have the Light, believe in the Light, so that you become sons of Light." (Jn 12:35,36)

Yahudah's denial of the Moshiach is therefore a blatant denial of YAHWEH Himself, even as Ephrayim's rejection of the Torah is in fact, a denial of the Moshiach whom they profess to have found! Break free from your bonds, O Ephrayim, for the tables are now being switched, and the spotlights begin to shine on the one which has lived idolatrously, reveling in her pleasures and the Babylonian religion which she has gathered from her fathers and the ancients of yore. Take heed, O houses of Yisrael, to consider Yohanan chapter one in the light of Moshiach's true relationship to the Torah and the Eternal Being, Yahweh Elohim Himself.

"In the beginning was The Word [Torah/Moshiach], and the Word [Torah/Moshiach] was with Elohim, and Elohim was THE WORD (literal Peshitta reading) [Torah/Moshiach]..... And as many as received him (believed on Him), gave he the power to become the sons of Elohim." (Jn 1:1,12)

Although we may convince ourselves of error, and attempt to reason the truth away, it will remain as a witness against us (Jn 5:45). The truth is that 1/3 or 2/3's of Yahweh cannot obtain our Salvation. Those of us who are awaiting global salvation in the end times are gazing in the wrong direction, for salvation is being accomplished NOW, in the very lives which we live. When the end comes upon us, the work of salvation will be consummated, and we will instead be faced with the judgement. (Heb 9:27)

"It has been written in the prophets, 'They shall all be taught by YHWH'. Everyone then who has heard from the Father and learned, comes to Me." (Jn 6:45) Moshiach, in John 13:13, clearly identifies Himself as this Rabbi, this Teacher referenced in the prophets, causing Him of necessity to be a member or a portion of YHWH. "EVERYONE who has learned from the Father COMES TO ME" (Jn 6:45). I am sorry, but our Yahudi brothers and sisters which are 'ever learning yet never coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH' (2 Tim 3:7) of Yahweh's anointed Moshiach are learning from a source other than the true Yahweh, and without His Moshiach in their lives TODAY, no manner of Torah submission can bring them salvation in this life, or in the latter days. It is written that in the latter days, "ten men from every nation under heaven shall take hold of the tzittzit of him who is a Yahudi and say, shew us the way to Tsiyon, for we see that Elohim is with you." (Zec 8:23) When we shirk our brotherly duty to share with a better way, indeed the ONLY Way (Jn 14:6), we do no more than prolong the time of the end, and no less than cause thousands of human souls, perhaps even our own, to enter Shoel as their everlasting home. "Rebuke your brother, that ye bear not sin because of Him" (Lev 19:17), and again, "In the times of ignorance, Yahweh winked at such, but now commands all men everywhere to REPENT." (Acts 17:30) Together we can stand; divided our hearts remain void of essential truth, and our destiny is to fall, unable to rise and kiss the bridegroom, the Lamb slain since the foundation of the world (Rev 13:8), at the moment when He comes.

"And THE WORD BECAME FLESH and pitched His tent among us, and we saw His esteem: esteem as the only brought-forth of the Father, complete in favour and TRUTH". (Jn 1:14) Indeed, "YAHWEH's WORD is TRUTH" (Jn 17:17), and the Torah of Messiah, is the Word and the Truth at which we must arrive in order to be saved. "For Moshe writes about the righteousness which is of the Torah, 'The man who does these shall live by them'. The Righteousness of belief speaks in this way..."THE WORD is....in your mouth and IN YOUR HEART - that is the Word of Belief which we are proclaiming: That if you confess with your mouth the Master Yahshua and believe in your heart that Elohim has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved". (Rom 10:5-9)

"But the ONE DOING THE TRUTH (Torah / Moshiach) COMES TO THE LIGHT (Moshiach / Torah), so that his works are clearly seen, that they have been wrought in Elohim." (Jn 3:21) Herein is a promise, a standard for proving which does not fail. Salvation is indeed possible through submitting to Torah, but only through complete submission to Torah. Our brothers in Yahudah cannot be truly and completely submitting to Torah, (and thereby obtaining their salvation), for the vast majority of their number fail to recognize the Moshiach, who is indeed the goal and the Salvation of the Torah. Furthermore, Moshiach spake unto the Yahudim saying, "You know neither Me nor My Father. If you knew Me, you would have known My Father also", and concluded with the message that they would die in their sins because they DID NOT KNOW HIMSELF, the bodily manifestation of Yahweh, and thereby neither could they know the Father, the Being of YAHWEH which resides in realms of the Ruach alone. (Jn 8:21) "If you did not believe when I spoke to you about the earthly, how are you going to believe when I speak to you about the heavenly?" (Jn 3:12) His words carried weight then, even as they do today, both for the tribes of Yahudah and Ephrayim, wherever they may be found.

Today an age old deception is arousing, and beginning to walk about the assemblies. Falsehood is increasing in strength, and HaShatawn will soon emerge in the full fury of His force. Our teachers are receiving "revelations" and "insights" that Yahudah does not need her Moshaich, so long as she maintains the Torah law. Brothers, we are receiving teachings from false spirits which encircle the earth; doctrines which conflict themselves, for Torah and the Moshiach are one in the same! The Word of Yahweh records, "If a man sayeth, I know Him, and Keepeth not His commandments, HE IS A LIAR and the TRUTH IS NOT IN HIM." So also the reverse applies, for if a man sayeth, "I keep His commandments" and does not know Moshiach, that man is a liar as well. Hearken unto the words of our Rabbi Yahshua Himself! "You do not have [Yahweh's] Word staying in you, because you do not believe Him whom He sent. You search the Scriptures, because you think you possess everlasting life in them...but you do not desire to come to Me in order to possess Life......Do not think that I shall accuse you to the Father. There is one who accuses you: Mosheh, in whom you have set your expectation. For if you believed Mosheh, you would have believed me, since he wrote about me." (Jn 5:38-40,45,46)

We are living in a world of oxy-morons; a fairy tale book of conflicting stories which HaShatawn pours out at us to confuse our minds. The abomination of desolation (Mt 24:15, Mk 13:14, Dan 11:31, 12:11), the worker of lawlessness has arisen from BOTH HOUSES; his messengers meeting at the border of Yisrael's divided kingdoms. He will obtain unity, whatever the cost in dollar bills and human souls. He arises in the form of wise teachers and proclaims to us, "Not a hair of Yahudah's head will be lost; He is Yahweh's chosen, and in the Eternal's plan". He begins His speech in a lie and concludes it in partial truth, that He might confuse our thoughts and sway us from the threshold of absolute truth. Indeed, Yahudah is in Yahweh's eternal plan, even as Ephrayim is in YAHWEH's eternal plan; the very Ephrayim from whom the Roman Ch-rch system has been conceived! Brethren, Yisrael can be the centerpiece of the table, and her presence there will not keep her from plunging to her death when she walks off the edge! Notwithstanding, Moshaich is ALSO in Yahweh's plan, and He is the centerpiece of the table, as Yisrael's means of Salvation. Have you not read that "there is no other Name under heaven whereby men may be saved" (Acts 4:12), and again that "Salvation is of the Yahudim" (John 4:22), even as our Moshiach came from their very midst? Yahweh sent to us His Moshiach in the form of a man, sprung up from the tribe of Yahudah, and it was prophesied concerning Him that, "He shall save HIS PEOPLE from their sins" (Mt 1:21). And although ALL of Yisrae'l is in Yahweh's eternal plan, what is the message which Scripture records? "Though thy seed be as the sand of the sea, O Yisrael, only a remnant shall be saved." (Isa 10:22, Rom 9:27)

Brethren, if we are to ever to see a clear picture of reality, we must radically adjust the focus of our lense. The southern tribes of Yahudah are found amongst the Jewish people, present in Eretz Yisrael and the world over today. The northern tribes of Ephrayim are in contrast, thoroughly mixed among, and even compose the remainder of earth's human population. "And in your seed all the nations of the earth shall be mixed, because you have obeyed by voice". (Gen 22:18, literal rendering from Hebrew, also Gal 3:8) If our Yahudi brothers can therefore obtain right standing before Yahweh, without His Moshiach, through Torah and genealogical standing alone, then so also can Ephrayim obtain right standing WITHOUT the Torah, through Moshiach Yahshua and their genealogical standing alone, for they compose the remainder of the Yisraelite family tree!

O Yisrael, your teachings are not equal! The world has yet to eliminate the Adolph Hitlers from her shores, and by the very standard which you have set, brother Ephrayim is likely to arise in a dramatic replay of history, and "freed from the law of the Torah" (Rom 3:31, YHWH FORBID!), erase their Yahudi brothers and sisters, from the face of the earth.......only to be later saved alongside the very ones which they have murdered! The entire panorama unfolding before us is merely a reincarnation of "duel covenant theology" in a new body, and with a new set of clothes. When placed upon the scales of Scripture, lo and behold, such a method of Scriptural interpretation falls far short of the goal! Romans 10:17 states, "So then belief comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word (Torah) of Elohim". Herein is revealed that ONLY through obedience to Torah is belief in Moshiach made possible. Indeed, Torah law is to be for all Yisrael, and the stranger in their midst! Ephrayim therefore cannot be saved without Yahweh's everlasting instruction, for through the Torah is the knowledge of sin (Rom 3:20), and through the knowledge of sin comes about repentance (Luke 5:32, Rom 2:4). Along the same lines, Yahudah can also not be saved without a revival in her members, involving their individual acceptance of Moshiach Yahshua as the manifestation of the Torah, and an atonement offering for trespasses committed against it. (Mt 26:28, Heb 9:28)

Will Yisrael as a nation accept Moshiach at the time of the end? Indeed, renewed covenant, Nazarene Yisrael will, but in general, all twelve tribes of Yisrael after the flesh will continue speeding down the broad road of destruction, switching lanes and missing stop signs as they go. The Word of Yahweh states that "Now is the accepted time, behold, now is the day of Salvation" (2 Cor 6:2), and no exception clauses are present. When we introduce "exception clause theology", it no less than destroys the great commission, the need of an annointed Moshiach in our lives, and in the long run, our personal future and eternal well being.

Multitudes brothers, multitudes of Yisraelites have preceded us and remain as ghastly reminders in the cemeteries of eternal time; reminders that the wages of sin is death (Deut 30:15, Rom 6:24). "Let the sin be upon us and our children" (Mt 27:25) has been our request of the Father, and yet He has looked upon us in pity, and offered a chance to turn from our legacy of sin, to return to the narrow way. Instead, we have continued in lawlessness with an imaginative Moshiach which saves us from sin without repentance and a turning from what is wrong. We have failed to observe the Torah and its warning that "the priest shall make atonement for the being who strays by mistake...and it shall be forgiven him...but the being who does whatever defiantly, whether he is native or a stranger, he reviles Yahweh, and that being shall be cut off from among his people...his crookedness is upon him" (Num 15:28,30,31) "For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more atonement for sins," (Hebrews 10:26)

Others of us hurry along with a scroll under our arm, chanting the promise of Leveticus 18:5: "You shall guard my Torah and My right-rulings, which a man does and lives by them", and yet fail to realize that without repentance, there is no forgiveness (Acts 5:31); that Torah observance without belief in "the Way, the Truth, and The Life" (Jn 14:6) cannot obtain our salvation. We are secure in our box, our segment of time, but the timer is going to run out, and the box is going to fly open, revealing the demon of hard hearts which we have allowed to dwell in our souls.

The Sovereign of the Heavens has prepared a banquet and invited His guests. (M't 22:2-14) We are living in the days of preparation for the marriage feast of the Lamb, and He has invited us to dine. One has told Him, "I have been chosen by you, and have maintained a place in your plan. I shall arrive in the attire of my deeds, and the doorkeeper shall clothe me in royal purple, the attire of a Prince, a Son of the most High." Another answers, "I have obtained your Moshiach, and will enter robed in scarlet, for His blood has removed my many sins." Yet another replies, "I have faithfully observed the 613 mitzvot of your Torah and will arrive clothed in white linen, on right standing with you." The appointed time is drawing near, and if we expect to enter the banquet by any single one of the above alone, we will instead arrive on the doorstep of Heaven's court, half clothed in rags, tailored by our sin, our ignorance, and our pride. When the books of entry are opened, we shall receive the sentence, "I never knew you. Depart from me ye workers of iniquity into outer darkness, prepared for HaShatawn and his messengers." (Mt 7:23, 8:12, 22:13, 25:30,41, Lk 13:27) Brethren, we may deceive ourselves, but never the bridegroom. We must wake up and come to the realization that Moshiach will not take to wife a bride which has failed to read the betrothal agreement, much less abide by it. He is loving, but as any virtuous groom, He will not take an assembly which has failed to enter the betrothal agreement during the allotted span of life, for He WILL NOT pledge loyalty and fidelity to a woman which He does not know.

It is high time for a rededication of our hearts to that which is good and true, to make a return to the Torah Of Messiah which is presented to us in the entirety of the Scriptures. Otherwise, the truly elect of Yahweh will step forth in the latter day, clothed with purity, humility and obedience, and shall enter the bridal chamber to preform the service which we have failed to fulfil. Our only recourse is a cleansing and rededication of the temple which we possess in our bodies and our minds, and we must begin this rededication TODAY. "So remember from where you have fallen, and repent and do the first works, or else I shall come to you speedily and remove your lampstand from its place, unless you repent." (Rev 2:5)

"But among you there shall be false teachers, who shall secretly bring in destructive heresies, and deny the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction on themselves. And many shall follow their destructive ways, because of whom the Way of Truth shall be evil spoken of, and in greed, with fabricated words, they shall use you for gain. From of old, their judgment does not linger, and their destruction does not slumber." (2 Pet 2:1-3)

May we be as the assembly of Philadelphia, the assembly of brotherly love, that He may say unto us, "You have little power, yet have guarded my Word, and have not denied my Name. See, I am giving up those of the congregation of haShatawn, who say they are Yahudim and are not.......Because you have guarded My Word of endurance, I also shall guard you from the hour of trial which shall come upon all the world, to try those who dwell on the earth. See, I am coming speedily! Hold what you have that no one take your crown." (Rev 3:8-11)

Indeed, He cometh quickly, and the right ruling is even now at the door (James 5:9). "He that bears witness of these matters says, 'Yea, I am coming speedily.' So be it. Yea, come, Moshiach Yahshua!" (Rev 22:20)

Shalom Alechiem, Peace be unto you, and stand firm in the TRUTH.

In Moshiach YAHshua,
-Brother MattithYAH

I just want to say a BIG thank you for this teaching. It has answered many unanswered questions I had concerning our brother Judah. There was "something" I just wasn't getting and knew it HAD to be there. I have prayed and YHWH has answered through this newsletter. May YHWH bless your faithfulness. Shawn B., NH

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